MAJOR GENERAL, Exército Nacional da Colômbia
Vice-Presidente do Conselho de Delegados da Junta Interamericana de Defesa

Mayor General Pinilla was born in Socorro - Santander  11th  january  1963. He started his military carreer in Escuela Militar de Cadetes General José María Córdova january 1980, and graduated as 2LT of artillery in december 1982.

He is married with COL Bertha Inés Tous Linares and has three children (Gabriel Eduardo, Natalia y Laura).


During his military carree he has done several courses and trainings focused on technical, tactical and profesional such as:

1.      Basic Course for promotion to the rank of Captain.

2.      Command Course promotion to the rank of Major.

3.      Staff Course for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

4.      Senior military studies course of promotion to the rank of Brigadier General.

5.      Specialization Course Campaign Artillery.


1.       Lancero course.

2.      Rural contraguerrilla course.

3.      Urban Contraguerrilla course.

4.      Regular skydiving Course.

5.      Head of Jump Course.

6.      Freefall parachuting course.

7.      Military underwater diver.

8.      Instructor military police course.



Within its military training are the following specialties:

 1.      Special land Command.

2.      Military Professor of fourth category.

3.      Military Parachuting - free diving.

4.      It has the distinctive “service in the field”.

5.      Psychological Operations Course.


During his professional career, he has held the following positions and responsibilities.

2016 - He currently serves as Chief of Planning and Policy of the Colombian Army.

2014 – 2015 - Commander of the Sixth Division of the Army.

2013 - Land Component Commander exercise “PANAMAX” (10 to 25 October 2013,) San Antonio TX (EE.UU).

2012 – 2013 - Commander of the Thirteenth Army Brigade.

2011 – 2012 - Commander of the Joint Force Decisive Action.

2010 - Course of High Military Studies in the School of War.
2009 - Head of Strategic Planning Department of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

2009 - Student Course of Higher Studies at the Army War College. Carlisle Barracks PA (USA).

2007 – 2008 - Commander of the Army Special Forces.

2005 – 2006 - Chief of Staff of the Special Forces Brigade of the Army.

2004 – 2005 - Deputy Director of Operations of the Army.

2003 – 2004 - Battalion Commander of Artillery No. 08 San Mateo.

2002 – 2003 - Staff officer in the area of operations in the Thirteenth Brigade.

2000 – 2001 - Staff officer in the area of operations in the second Brigade of the Army.
1999 – 2000 - Student Course of Staff of the Army War College.
1996 – 1998 - Military professor at the ‘Escuela Superior de Guerra’.

1994 – 1996 - Counterinsurgency Battalion commander No 24 ¨Héroes de Pisba¨.

1993 – 1994 - Student at the School of Artillery US. (Fort Sill) o.b.c 11/93.

1991 – 1993 - Land component commander in the Specific Command of San Andres and Providencia.

1990 – 1991 - Official Instructor at the School of Artillery of the Army.

1989 – 1990 - Official Instructor at the School of NCOs of the Army.

1984 – 1989 - Battery commander of artillery fire units.

1980 – 1984 - Platoon Commander small units.


1.     Chief of Staff of Planning and Policy Colombian Army.

2.      Sixth Division of the Army.

3.      Thirteenth Army Brigade.

4.      Decisive Action Joint Force (FUCAD).

5.      General Command of the Armed Forces.

6.      Commission Staff Foreign US.

7.      Special Forces Brigade of the Army.

8.      Army Operations Management.

9.      Artillery Battalion No. 08 San Mateo.

10.  Battalion No. 2 “Cacique Alonso Xeque”.

11.  Second Army Brigade.

12.  ‘Escuela Superior de Guerra’.

13.  Counterguerrillas Battalion No. 24 “Héroes de Pisba”.

14.  Artillery School.

15.  Specific Command of San Andres and Providencia (CESYP).

16.  Battalion Air Defense Artillery No. 02 New Granada.

17.  Military Officers School of the Army.

18.  Battalion No. 3 “Policarpa Salavarrieta”.

19.  Artillery Battalion No. 3 “Batalla de Palace”.


During his military career he has advanced the following postgraduate studies in the country and abroad.

 1.      Professional Military Sciences Military School of Cadets.

2.      Business Administrator of the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia.

3.      Human Rights course Universidad Militar Nueva Granada.

4.      Basic Course Field Artillery at Fort Sill.  Oklahoma  (EE.UU).

5.      Specialist in Security and Defence Escuela Superior de Guerra.

6.      Course of High Military Studies in the ARMY WAR COLLEGE (EE.UU).

7.      Masters degree in Strategy ARMY WAR COLLEGE (EE.UU).

8.      Masters degree ¨Defensa y Seguridad Nacional¨ Universidad Militar Nueva Granada.

9.      Senior Management Program of the Universidad de la Sabana. (INALDE) Business School.

10.  Seminar for Joint and Combined Commanders Units in the ARMY WAR COLLEGE (Carlisle) PA USA Julio de 2013.


He has been awarded numerous medals in its 34-year military career among which stand out:

 1.      Orden de Boyacá en la Categoría de Gran Oficial.

2.      Medalla de Servicios Distinguidos en orden público por sexta vez.

3.      Orden del Mérito Militar “José María Córdova” en la categoría de gran Oficial.

4.      Medalla del Mérito Militar Antonio Nariño en la Categoría de Comendador.

5.      Medalla Militar Servicios Distinguidos en Operaciones Contra el Narcotráfico.

6.      Medalla Militar de Servicios Distinguidos en Operaciones Especiales.

7.      Medalla ¨Escuela de Lanceros¨.

8.      Medalla Fe en la Causa Categoría Única.

9.      Medalla Militar Escuela Superior de Guerra.

10.  Medalla Militar Escuela Militar de Cadetes.

11.  Medalla Militar Escuela Militar de Suboficiales.

12.  Medalla Guardia Presidencial en la categoría de Comendador.

13.  Medalla de Policía Militar “Tomas Cipriano de Mosquera”.

14.  Medalla Santa Bárbara.


He has written some essays and publications including stand:

 1.      El papel de la artillería de campaña en las operaciones de alta montaña (Ensayo) – 1994.

2.      Manual de ¨maestro de Soga¨ en las operaciones de Asalto Aéreo – 1998.

3.      “Estamos llegando al fin de las FARC”? (ensayo) – 1999.

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